What can you see from our two ‚high-rise’ locations?

Our German Dentist at the Dubai Sky clinic, understands that there is an increasing number of patient suffering from dent phobia and is focused on addressing the needs of these patients. For many years, we have been offering special treatment methods at the Clinic for patient suffering from anxiety patients, but most of all the best remedy that we offer for our patient’s is the breathtaking view from our renowned location. We are perched on the 21st floor of the Burjuman Business Tower, and  is the only Dentist in Burjuman with such as great view.

There is a high rate of unrecognized dental phobia cases. This is because patient don’t always tell our  Dentist in Jumeirah Lake Towers how they feel, as they are embarrassed or ashamed and don’t want to admit that they are scared. This makes our task more difficult, so we implemented a few guidelines as follows, to help us identify patient with dental phobias,

  • Registration form contains a section that needs to be filled out if the patient is suffering from dental phobias.
  • Patient communication with the dentist is encouraged to find out if there are any specific problems the patient has such as anxiety.
  • Behavior during treatment will help us determine if the patient is suffering from anxiety which was not communicated to us before.

When we treat patients with dental phobia, our main objectives are,

    Administer the dental treatment with causing the patient any pain, discomfort or anguish
  • To help the patient feel comfortable about a dentist and to eliminate the fear permanently

So to make sure that these objectives are achieved, we use the following strategies,

  • Build trust with the patient  – Many patients have had bad experiences with dentists who don’t care about how they feel. We are not one of them, your comfort is very important to us. We encourage our patients to build a relationship with us.
  • Making sure to be gentle and stop when the patient feels uncomfortable and resume once they are comfortable with what is done.
  • Provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This is where we exceed all our patients expectations. Our atmosphere is not your average dental office, badly lit, gloomy, has a funny smell and the noise of drilling that can do unspeakable things to a person’s mentality. Our dental clinic depicts the atmosphere of a spa, the view, the lighting and the decor is simply soothing. When a patient sits in the dental chair, they forget that they are in the dental clinic, as they watch the hustle and bustle below, see the skyscrapers and even catch a glimpse of a hot air balloon sailing across the horizon.

We often find that our patient’s hanging around and lingering more than they should at our Dental Care even after their treatment, to gaze at the backdrop or something that caught their eye during the procedure, we have not problem with that. So come over and see for yourself, of course you need to make a dental appointment first!

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