Veneers – Questions to ask your dentist

Throughout our life time we would have had to make many important decisions. Some of which could have changed the whole way we live our life. From the work we do, to getting married, moving to a new house, having children and educating and raising them…so many important decisions that we continue to have to make. But do we take these decisions immediately? I am sure you said no. We do so much of research; ask so many questions before we decide what is best for us.

The same stands true when deciding on perfecting your smile. Your smile tells so much about you to not only your family and friend but also to any stranger you meet on the streets. Veneers in Dubai can change your smile and perfect imperfect teeth overnight. How can you possibly proceed with such a big treatment without learning more about it?

The dental team will be more than happy to answer your questions. Dentists in Dubai are now quite familiar with the worries and questions dental patients may have after carrying out so many procedures. Thus there is nothing to hold you back from talking to them to clarify your doubts.

Not only is this vital to be at ease without any worries; it will also make it possible to work together with your dental practitioner for an optimum solution to get the best result possible. If you are not sure what to ask : start by asking the different type of veneers available. What are they made of? Why are veneers made of different materials – the advantages each has over the other. Discuss in detail with the dentist about the different preparations and placements of dental veneers.

Of course the key question would be : would veneers be the solution for your dental problem? What about the cost of the procedure – I am sure you would like to get an idea of that beforehand.  Talk in detail about the preparations that take place and how to need to prepare for this procedure. What does exactly happen during the time the dentist is fixing the veneers to your teeth. Talk about the different experiences patients had as no two people would have had the same exact procedure as it differs per the dental patients requirements.

How long would the procedure take? If you are worried about any pain or discomfort – ask in advance the level of discomfort you may feel and how to overcome that.Also check whether there are any after effects that you should be aware of.

Also it is important to look into the educational background of the dentist. How qualified is he to handle this procedure? How many years of experience does he have? How many procedures has he carried out successfully?

Once you build on your confidence based on the above questions you will be able to make this vital decision as to whether you are going ahead with this dental procedure or not and most importantly are you going to be doing it at that specific dental clinic or not based on the details you gathered by talking to them. 

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