Top Tips On How To Maintain Dental Implants From Dentists In Dubai

Throughout our lifetime we are taught and persuaded to take care of teeth as much as we possibly can. Poor oral hygiene can really disrupt your life as you cannot enjoy your favourite foods due to pain and deterioration of your teeth. Dentists in Dubai are always advising their patients on how to maintain their teeth and explaining how important it is to stick to it. Whether the reasons are genetic or hygiene related however, there are still plenty who lose their teeth every year and dental implants have become quite sought after with regard to this.

Dentists in Dubai who treat issues for crowns, dentures, bridges, extractions and so on, also provide dental implants as an option especially for those who have lost full sets of teeth in their upper or lower jaw or both. Usually the implants are fitted onto a denture before being fitted into the mouth. Once you have prosthetic teeth however, if you continue to neglect your oral hygiene, there is not much to be done for you. Dentists in Dubai provide patients of dental implants advice for exercising regular care.

You are probably wondering what there could possibly be to maintain in dental implants considering it is all artificial. While this is a fair point and there is no actual decay that can occur to the dental implant in itself nor the crown covering it, what dentists in Dubai generally warn about, are the health of the gums and the tissues surrounding the implant. If you are the recipient of dental implants, or are considering them as an option, you must understand that they need to be cared for as normal teeth; this means practices stressed on by not only dentists in Dubai but also our parents and teachers when we were children such as brushing regularly, flossing and using mouthwash.

Below are some tips to help maintain your implants that will help not only to make them last longer but also make your life a lot easier as you will minimize the risk of infections and inflammation.

  • Brush twice a day and rinse: As elementary as this may sound, it must be done, especially if you are just after the procedure. Only begin brushing again once your dentist says it’s alright, but when you are allowed to, ensure you do so twice a day and thoroughly. Dentists in Dubai also advice using mouthwash to rinse your mouth after every meal to get every little food particle that may be lodged in-between the crevices.
  • Professional cleaning: This is advised even for your normal teeth, however is also useful after implants. People tend to overlook the settling of plaque at the base of their gums which begins to form a hardened layer if not cleaned properly. This can lead to not only gum disease and infections, but has also been linked to heart-disease. Dentists in Dubai are able to provide a professional cleaning where they will take out all the plaque and other particles wedged in.
  • Regular check-ups: Once you have implants in place, you will need to go in for regular appointments to keep an eye on your condition. These appointments allow dentists in Dubai to monitor a patient’s progress and attend to a problem as soon as it arises. This is necessary especially right after surgery as the wounds are fresh.

If you allow plaque or bacterial biofilm as it is also known to collect on your dental implants, it could result in inflammation of the gums and in turn lead to infection. This will be hard to get rid of and also very painful as you will have to treat the gum before the implant to get to the root of the problem. As always, prevention is always better than cure.

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