FAQs about veneers

With the advances in dental procedures dentist are able to carry out even the trickiest treatments to perfect the health and appearance of your teeth easily. Whether it is a missing tooth, a cracked tooth, misaligned teeth, teeth not in proportion to each other, discoloration or trauma to the teeth and jaws, dentists in Dubai have the answer for them all.

But do we need to go with the dentists call without questioning? Absolutely not! It is your teeth and eventually your decision. It is you who has to make the call depending on your lifestyle, work and also the cost of the treatment and whether or not insurance covers the treatment plan.To perfect a patients smile one of the most common treatment procedures recommended by dentists are veneers in Dubai. This is the perfect treatment plan which is less invasive and can give you a sparkling smile overnight.

But you do not have to go ahead with it without asking few key questions from your dental team. And the dentists and the team are also aware of the concerns patients may have regarding making big decisions and will cooperate to provide you all the answers you seek. Not only would asking these questions make you more aware of the treatment plan and procedure, but it will also help you relax and be a part of the treatment when the dentist performs it on you. By being informed you will be capable of making the best treatment plan which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

If veneers were suggested as your treatment plan, you can start off by confirming is veneers the best solution for your dental problem and compare the pros and cons with the other possible treatments available. Next you would need to be aware of the cost involved and whether you can afford to go through it.
Just like any other medical treatment, check with your dental team if you need to prepare in any way and how will the dental team make preparations to carry out this dental procedure on you. What is the full process and how long will it take?

If the dentist is willing you can ask about his past patients and how their experience was with veneers. It would be wise to ask in advance about any possible side effects. Another question asked regularly by potential patients are regarding the veneers themselves. As to what they are made of; how are they prepared, how are they fixed, can it be possible for it to cause an allergic reaction or any discomfort?

Few other details you need to be aware of is regarding the duration of the procedure itself and the experience and education of the dental team carrying out the procedure itself. If possible ask others about his work and experience and if any patients have had any issues with them.
These questions will not only help you be more aware of the treatment plan but it will also build your confidence and prepare you in advance as to what you can expect during the procedure, immediately after the procedure and after a few weeks.

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