Did you know these facts about veneers

Many patients visit various dental clinics in Dubai regularly. While in the past it was for routine check-ups and cleanings and fillings and gum related issues, currently the trend is changing. More and more patients now visit the dentist for cosmetic dental procedures. Teeth whitening, replacing missing teeth, and correcting issues related to teeth alignments are some of the common dental issues patients seek to change.

Of the many cosmetic surgery procedures, Veneers is a widely accepted dental procedure. Veneers Dubai is an important procedure carried out by Dubai Sky Clinic. Out Of the many other dental procedures done by dentists, this is a more sophisticated process which requires more attention to detail and careful analysis before carrying out the process. Once carried out successfully this treatment can offer back dental patients their million dollar smile and with it their confidence. 

Did you ever wonder why veneers are much preferred by dental patients? It is mainly the ease and simplicity of the treatment process and the fact of how well it blends with the natural teeth which makes it a preferred treatment.

Did you know what materials are used to make these teeth like veneers? They are custom made out of composite material or more commonly porcelain. As it is custom made, no matter what shade the current teeth are, these veneers can be made to match them while correcting the discolouration or misshape of the existing tooth.
Did you also know that veneers can even be used to close gaps between teeth? That’s right, veneers can close gaps, cover stains and perfect teeth no matter if they are chipped, crooked or not in proportion.

Another fact about dental veneers is that for this treatment process no anaesthetics are generally required. Only if the patients are anxious or very sensitive would anaesthetics be used as generally fixing dental veneers is a painless treatment process with little to no discomfort as no surgical process is involved. 

Dentist also prefer this dental treatment above other procedures as it is a treatment process which can be carried out on any individual. No pre testing is required. No matter what health condition the patients are in, it will not affect the option of getting veneers as no surgical step is involved. This treatment can be carried out on any adult easily. The only preparation to be done is when fixing the veneers to the teeth permanently. A layer from the teeth surface would be removed to make the veneers fit in to the size of the natural teeth. The amount of removal will change based on how thick the veneers are prepared. This removal of the enamel surface also makes the veneers fix better with the teeth.

Did you also know that this preparation of the teeth by removing the enamel surface makes it not only a permanent procedure but also an irreversible procedure. If the veneers fall off or get damaged it would need to be re-fixed or replaced as the natural teeth have been permanently sized down.

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