Dental Appointments – More Important than you Think

Sometimes it’s funny to see that despite having all the knowledge, all the resources and all the facts the one thing that we humans lack the most is application. We know how important it is to visit the dentist; we’ve been hearing it since we were kids!
But still every now and then, when being struck by the lazy bug we tend to stall or skip them altogether – completely undermining their true importance.

Why are Dental Appointments so Important?

The mouth is an input point in the body. All the food and drinks we intake directly enter our oral cavity and so it is constantly under attack by germs and bacteria.
This is why the regular compliance of dental care habits is so crucial. Because even the most minor bit of negligence can give an opportunity to these bacteria to thrive in the body and attack not only the teeth but also the entire body – by gaining access to the blood stream.

What does the Dentist do?

Dentists in Dubai examine the teeth and mouth to assure that they are in optimal health and are not affected by dental problems like tooth decay, cavities or show symptoms of periodontal gum disease. And if any such problems are found than the hygienist or dentist conducts special procedures in accordance to the patient’s condition like:

Professional Tooth Cleaning and Polishing

Special instruments are used to thoroughly clean the teeth without damaging their structure in this procedure. This not only helps to enhance their visual appearance but serves an added function of protecting the teeth against harmful dental diseases by maximizing dental hygiene.  Even minor traces of plaque, tartar and cavities are cleaned up through this process.

Dental Cleaning and Scaling

This procedure is specially conducted on patients who have plaque formed on the surface of their teeth. Now this is a serious condition and should be treated as soon as possible. Plaque is a sticky substance that is formed by the emulsion of saliva, bacteria and food particles. This forms a layer on the surface of the teeth and gradually eats away its outer enamel layer.
This process thoroughly cleans the teeth and in scaling the plaque formed on both above and below the jaw line is removed. While making sure that the teeth are not damaged in the process.
In this process the rougher and dishevelled parts of the gums are also smoothed out. This is essentially done to eliminate the hiding spots of bacteria and the areas where food particles are likely to accumulate.

Fluoride Application

We all know that fluoride is great for our teeth. In this dental procedure a fluoride varnish may be applied over the tooth that stays in contact with it for several hours. This serves many function in enhancing the health and appearance of your teeth. It remineralises and strengthens its structure; boosting dental hygiene and preventing tooth decay and cavities.
Hence, the importance of visiting the dentist should be understood by the fact that many a times we are not able to notice the problems within our teeth, let alone treat them. That can only be done b a skilled dentist in Dubai and if we visit them regularly (as we should) then are teeth can be assured to be safeguarded against potentially painful and unattractive dental conditions. 

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