Are dental implants the solution to my dental problems?

For most of us who are victims of missing teeth, especially in the area where we consider to be the ‘smile zone’, we don’t lose time dashing to the Dental Center to have it replaced as quickly as possible. But what happens then when you lose a tooth that is not in the smile zone and is not visible, for instance the molars. The bad news is that these teeth cannot be replaced as easily as the others.

We rarely decide not to replace missing teeth or a missing tooth, but if we do it’s a big mistake! Missing teeth can be a big problem, each individual tooth plays a very important role in your dental structure and health. It’s like a jazz band, every instrument plays a vital role in making music!

Some of the consequences of missing teeth include,

Shifting or moving teeth – When we have a missing tooth, the other teeth tend to shift or move around, so if you think that missing teeth at the back of your mouth will not affect your smile, you are sadly mistaken.

Failure to follow good oral hygiene – Missing teeth can be difficult to brush and floss. When this area is not kept healthy and clean, gum disease makes it way leading to tooth decay and further tooth loss, warns the Dubai Dentistry. When one missing tooth is not replaced you tend to lose more teeth, it’s like a domino effect. So replace missing teeth.

Bone and structure loss – One of the important reasons that a missing tooth should be replaced is due to bone loss." Remember that the bone structure that lies under the gums holds your teeth in place and once the tooth is missing, the bone that was supporting the particular tooth begins to crumble. The jaw bone needs stimulation to maintain its form and density. When the jaw bone starts to crumble, it causes the surrounding teeth to move inwards towards the empty space", explains our German Dentist in Dubai.

If you have multiple teeth missing, then bone loss can be aggressive and it could even lead to changes in the facial structure and your appearance. Well, that’s not the worst part, it can even affect your ability to chew and speak properly as well.

So you may be wondering what the best solution is, Dental Implants. They are a solid and long lasting solution for your dental woes, caused by missing teeth. Dental implants act as a substitute and replace tooth roots that provide a stable foundation for a replacement crown. Dental Implants may cost more than dentures, but its long lasting and resembles natural teeth and it’s a strong stable solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants can also be placed in a day, so don’t despair, there is no need to spend time running back and forth to the dentists, if you’re a busy person. On the other hand, if you prefer conventional dental implants, this is also possible. However, make sure to act today and fill that gap with a dental implant!

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